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We're slowly converging the content here to the Think Different Events Ltd. website and all updates will be posted at the link below from 2014.

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All the information on this site remains relevant as it points to some of the reasons why Business Banter is openly welcomed by many business people as a way of developing their own business network.

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Apart from the weekly opportunity to maintain and develop your business network, the Business Banter offers articles by some of our regulars touching on financial, legal and management issues. Allied to some lifestyle stories and a bit of humour thrown in for good measure and the Business Banter has grown since it launched in 2010 to become an important avenue of contact for SMEs.


Meet some of the regulars here

In the weeekly blog we have contributions covering a diverse range of topics, written by some of the regulars to the Business Banter

It's free to attend, it's very informal and everyone is made to feel welcome. If you are in the Glasgow area on Thursday or Friday mornings then we look forward to you dropping in and joining us.

The Business Banter brings a broad spectrum of business people together in an informal way - over their first cup of tea or coffee in the morning. A chance to meet some of the people in your own network and more importantly, a chance to meet new people too.




Every Thursday

Anytime between 08:00 - 10:00

Martha's 142A St.Vincent Street, Glasgow

Every Friday

Anytime between 09:00 - 11:00

Paperinos, Byres Road, Glasgow

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Martin Jack

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Richard O'Donnell says:

I am new to the business banter but I'm finding it useful and relevant. I notice that a few of my pals are on here so looking forward to some banter. Cheers Richard - See more at: http://www.businessbanter.co.uk/editmembers.htm#sthash.142DIxZ9.dpuf

Guy Hinks says:

that it is a networking event that leaves folk alone to network in the manner they think fit!

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